Antifašistická mobilizácia 2017 / Bratislava

Bratislava 11.03.2017 / About 1.100 people demonstrated on Saturday in the beautiful city of Bratislava against nationalism, racism and for human rights. It was a loud but absolut peacefull demonstration and no police action was necessary. I asked a girl if she is afraid for a counter demonstration by nationalists, but she told me, those people must not go on the streets because they are already in the parliament. It seems they have the same situation like Austria. There was only one sign of the nationalists, a transparent in a window with the words „na straż nastať!“ which means something like „the guard will come“.

Edit: Okay, my mistake.

„Na stráž“ was a fascist greeting, something like „heil hitler“
And nastat is : „pissing“ or „piss on that“

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